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About Therapeutic Jigsaw Puzzles

What can simply playing with jigsaw puzzles do for us, and why?

We wondered about this question, too, and decided to offer a series of interesting explanations and ideas.

The brain is an amazing “machine”, but in the same way as the most sophisticated engine, it needs to be well understood in order to keep it healthy and running well.

When things go wrong, that understanding can help to correct problems – or at least help you to learn to manage them more comfortably.

We will be adding to this information as further discoveries are made.

Jigsaw Therapy
Our Handmade Therapeutic Wooden Jigsaws
Chunky Handmade Wooden Jigsaws – Manual Dexterity Embellishments
Six & Twelve Piece Handmade Sliding Wooden Jigsaws – Disability Supportive Designs

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