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Six & Twelve Piece Handmade Sliding Wooden Jigsaws – Disability Supportive Designs

How often have you seen handmade wooden jigsaws that slide in to place?
These are particularly useful for encouraging people with limited dexterity or other problems to experiment.

Examples of our sliding handmade wooden jigsaws.

Any photograph can be used – especially helpful for people who may enjoy visiting “Memory Lane”

Limited dexterity? – Various embellishments can be added to support easy sliding of the jigsaw puzzle pieces in to place

Poor memory or level of concentration? – provide a familiar image and we will make that memory come to life again.

These can easily be converted to 24 or more puzzle piece jigsaws

Family favourite photos can be used to encourage someone to make the jigsaw puzzle as they step back in time and enjoy the memory all over again.

The photo becomes more than just a fleeting memory but time spent placing the pieces together is precious, relaxing and provides a sense of nostalgia along with all the other health benefits provided by this simple “old fashioned” pastime.

For more on the Health Benefits From Jigsaw Puzzling – click here.

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