Medical Videos

The following selection of videos are for information only. They explain what happens when there’s a rise, or fall, in the chemical called dopamine in the brain.

They do not take the place of an “in person” consultation with a registered medical practitioner. Do not try to self-diagnose. Please only view these for information, not towards self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Another condition may be involved, or underly the situation.

From these, though, you can see how puzzles help to exercise both sides of the brain… and much more. It is all fascinating to understand…

Jigsaws are commonly used in a wide range of medical, therapeutic settings and have an excellent record for helping people with a range of medical conditions to feel better. They are a lot nicer to use than taking pharmaceutical medications, and are a worthwhile starting place for anyone worried about their Mental Health, their memory, stress, anxiety or other associated conditions.

Puzzlers who give their brain a regular work out on a “puzzle mat” can benefit their Mental Health far more than many “players” ever realise.

See the list on this next page for the range of medical conditions helped by the use of simple, “old fashioned” therapeutic jigsaws.

DOPAMINE DEFICIENCY: – the physiology
The following video explains what occurs when there is a drop in the level of dopamine in the brain. The Doctor in this video, Dr. John Bartemus, explains the series of chemical reactions very clearly.

DEPRESSION: Dopamine Deficiency, Serotonin Deficiency, or Inflammation?
The following video explains what occurs during a bout of depression.
The Doctor in this video, Dr. John Bartemus, explains the series of chemical reactions very clearly.

LOW DOPAMINE: Top 5 Signs and Symptoms
The following video explains the signs and symptoms of reduced dopamine levels.
The Holistic Nurtitionist in this video, Evan Brand, explains this clearly.

ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD: Dopamine Deficiency = Poor Working Memory
The following video explains the signs and symptoms of reduced dopamine levels related to working memory and also to genetics.
Dr Ron Sterling, being interviewed, explains this extremely well.
Improved working memory also improves academic success.

Alternative Thoughts – Increasing Dopamine Naturally
An interesting watch, but you should filter the information from the adverts for their products within this film… the information itself is still useful and thought-provoking.

They state: “Dopamine, also known as the “happy chemical” is secreted when we are happy and achieving our goals. Learn how to naturally increase the production of dopamine, without the use of drugs or medications. “
VitaJing Herbs

tip: Start at 4.39 mins in

Anatomy – of the Brain
(Circle of Willis and Stroke)
A clear description of the brain and what occurs with stroke (cerebro-vascular accident or CVA)

Boost Up Dopamine For Motivation and Focus
A clear description of the how to boost up dopamine.

Dr David Jockers, who speaks around the world on brain health says: “Dopamine has been called the “motivation molecule,” as it helps provide the drive and focus needed to get stuff done. Discover how to boost up your dopamine in this video and for more info check out this article:…

COMT and MAO: How Diet Influences Dopamine and Adrenalin Levels
Eliminate Excess Stress

Dr Andrew Rostenburg

“Have you ever noticed that certain people get very cranky when they don’t eat food? Do you know someone who becomes an angry, emotional tyrant if they skip a meal? If you want to know WHY this happens then you will love this video. Dr. Rostenberg explains the science and genetic pathways which influence our neurotransmitter levels. You will learn why balancing blood sugar and insulin levels is the most important lifestyle habit for reducing depression and anxiety, esp. in people with COMT and MAO SNPs. If you would like help with your gut function to improve your methylation and reduce/eliminate your symptoms, please contact Dr. Rostenberg at Red Mountain Natural Medicine today. Phone 208-322-7755. Email
Website and “