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Training – List of Our Units – Accredited by AQA UAS

Unit List

Our Units are designed to stand alone or be enjoyed consecutively, to form a Module in the study of different topics.

C Units Module in The Study of Contraception 

Unit C1e – Introduction to the menstrual cycle and fertility indicators

Unit C2e – Introduction to hormonal contraception

Unit C3e – Introduction to non-hormonal methods of contraception

Unit C4e – Introduction to barrier protection for safer sex

Optional Extension: Unit PN1e – Introduction to pregnancy testing

S Units Module in The Study of Sexually Acquired Infections 

Unit S1e – Introduction to different types of infection

Unit S2e – Introduction to bacterial sexual infections

Unit S3e – Introduction to viral sexual infections

Unit S4e – Introduction to non-bacterial, non-viral genital conditions

Optional Extension:
Unit S5e – Introduction to different types of vaginal discharge

Units Module in The Study of HIV 

Unit H1e – Introduction to Contraception and Sexual History Taking

Unit H2e – Introduction to rapid testing for HIV (using INSTI test)

** There will be more Units relating to The Study of HIV

SW Units Modules in Sexual Healthcare Support Work

Unit SW1e – Introduction to clinical measurements

Unit SW2e – Introduction to STIs, screening and specimen management

Unit SW3e – Introduction to contraceptive options

Unit SW4e – Introduction to communication skills

Unit SW5e – Introduction to safeguarding and child protection

Unit SW6e – Sexual Health: terminology, confidentiality and records

Unit SW7e – Introduction to outreach sexual health work

Unit SW8e – Introduction to chlamydia screening

Further Units are under development.

Background and recommended learning material is mentioned throughout the e-programmes, so that students can gain an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of each topic, in bite-sized amounts at a time.

There is no exam, but each element is monitored and assessed as the programme progresses. Students can enjoy learning through the use of different styles of educational material contained within each E-Unit.

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