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19 – Yes 19 – Health Benefits From Jigsaw Puzzling

Some Of The Many Amazing General And Cognitive Health Benefits Of Jigsaw Puzzling Include –
But Are Not Limited To…

Feel That Sense of Nostalgia
Puzzling with Jigsaws can transport us to a time

when we felt safe and cared for as a child.
They inspire deep thinkers and deep thinking.

But Also…

1 – Puzzles Keep Players Mentally Active And Their Brain Healthy
– Puzzles promote thought processes.
– They require concentration and patience and those who do them feel and are, more active.
– Keeping your mind active can help to reduce levels of stress and/or a sense of fatigue because with each piece correctly placed, you’ll experience a rise in the level of dopamine, a “happy” chemical (neurotransmitter) in your brain.
– When you finish a puzzle, there’s a larger rise of dopamine and a great feeling of satisfaction.

For more about the health benefits of jigsaw puzzling and Dopamine, please click here to see the page called “Medical Videos”. It is explained in detail, there.

2 – Use JIGSAWS To Harness The Power Of Your Brain:
Whilst you are completing a jigsaw you will be working both sides of your brain.
– The left side of your brain thinks logically.
– The right side of your brain deals with intuition, creativity and emotions.
– So, by combining the work of the two sides (by using them at the same time) you actually harness or capture the full extent of your brain’s power.

3Puzzles Inspire Education
Puzzles help us with research skills, critical thinking, improve cognitive ability and logical reasoning.

4Puzzle Building Acts As A Form Of Meditation
Puzzles keep the mind active and allow the brain to relax to find solutions.
Relaxation reduces stress, increases productivity and improves self-confidence.

5Use JIGSAWS to experience some of the benefits experienced through meditation:
– Because your mind is focused, you’ll find yourself just concentrating on the puzzle, which empties your brain of the stresses and anxieties that you face every day.
– In that way, completing a jigsaw has a similar effect to meditation. It helps to provide a sense of calmness and peace. 

6 – Puzzles Improve IQ
Puzzles improve memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

7 Puzzles Increase Productivity Levels
Amongst the health benefits of jigsaw puzzling, the calm concentration that building one promotes, they allow us to become less distracted and more productive.

8 Puzzles Improve Cognitive Ability
Puzzling improves visual performance.
– They help with the recognition of faces and shapes.
– They also improve the player’s reasoning skills.

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MNL – Jigsaw Collection

9Puzzles Improve Concentration And PATIENCE
Puzzlers learn to improve concentration, pay close attention to detail and improve their general patience.

10 – Puzzles Can Be Used To Motivate Yourself And Help You To Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills
– When you are puzzling you only have one task in hand.
– You are simply aiming to join the pieces together so that you create an image. 
– For each JIGSAW there is only ONE correct solution.
– In other words, you will be motivated to see the challenge through.

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11 Puzzles Can Be Used To Improve Attention Span
For many people who work hard to complete them, JIGSAW puzzles have an addictive effect. 
Once you start a new puzzle, you simply won’t want to stop it until you’ve finished it! 
If you’re a naturally impatient person, you’ll find that the varying colours, shapes and sizes of the jigsaw pieces hold your attention so much that your impatience actually calms.

12 – Puzzles Help Fine Motor Skills – They Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
JIGSAW puzzles are a fantastic tool for helping you to improve your fine motor skills because the small pieces require you to think as you carefully slot the pieces together.
They can be used by toddlers and young people, as easily as by adults.

13 – Puzzling For Memory Improvement
JIGSAWS puzzles have been proven to sharpen our memories and Puzzlers must remember where a certain piece fits within the wider picture. This can be tricky if you have had a break for a week or two.

14 – Use JIGSAWS To Improve Social Skills
By completing a jigsaw with a friend or family member you can promote discussion and interaction because great teamwork can be essential for finishing a tricky puzzle!

15 – Puzzling Promotes Independence
Completing a jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic solo pastime.
Puzzling is especially good for people who live alone.
The hobby is so absorbing that hours can fly by without you realising!

16 – JIGSAWS help with perseverance and resilience 
Jigsaw puzzles are often hard to complete. The sense of satisfaction that’s felt after slotting in that final piece, especially of a difficult and sometimes frustrating one, is second to none.
Completing a jigsaw requires persistence and is an important lesson for all ages.

17 – Detox From Electonic Gadgets
Use JIGSAWS for traditional fun.

Nowadays, we are swamped by technology and there are very few hobbies left, that don’t seem to require an app, TV or some other type of digital technology to enhance them.

– – – – Stepping back in time can be exhilarating

Completing a jigsaw puzzle is a fun and entertaining way to pass some time that can be enjoyed without any kind of electronic gadgetry and it can completely cut you off from the digital world which, in a world dominated by tweets, trends and online stories, can be essential to anyone’s mental well-being. 

18 – Puzzles … Can Even Help With Relationships
Play one with your partner and help the sharing side of your friendship to shine.

19 – Puzzles … are CHALLENGING and PUZZLING is GREAT FUN

Some Useful Brain Related Information

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