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Chunky Jigsaws – Dexterity Embellishments

Recovering from a stroke or another neurological trauma can mean that gripping something is quite difficult.

We have decided to add various aids to our Therapeutic Jigsaws in order to help individuals be able to play with the pieces with more ease.

The embellishments are not limited to these examples, but initially, we have:

1 – wooden cubes
2 – diamantes
3 – small magnets
4 – wooden pegs
5 – clear pegs
6 – little hooks

Each of these aids make playing with the jigsaws easier and more fun in their own way. They are as unique as the person who ordered the puzzle – either for themselves or for their loved one.

Special Memory Jogger Jigsaws are a particularly lovely way to say “I love you”, don’t you think.

Just because someone has a disability – be that temporary or permanent – it shouldn’t stop them joining in and enjoying the amazing satisfaction that completing a chunky jigsaw can give them.

For more information on the medical advantages of playing with jigsaw puzzles, please see the section on Medical Benefits and other pages on the Jigsaw Section of this website.

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