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Dopamine – Medical Explanations


Dopamine is

“Sleep Better: It is key for you to prioritize sleep if you are going to improve your dopa levels.  Sleep improves neurotransmitter production and receptor activity.  When we sleep, our brain flushes out the neurotransmitters, repairs receptor sites and regenerates neurotransmitters to be used the next day.  Follow the strategies in this article to help you sleep better.”

“Improve the Microbiome: Consume fermented foods, anti-microbial and carminitive herbs such as garlic, onions, oregano, basil, thyme, peppermint, ginger, etc. to help improve the overall constitution of the gut microbes.  Remember, C Difficile overgrowth is a major player in poor dopamine metabolism, so the better you take care of your gut microbiome the more you will reduce C Diff and improve neurotransmitter metabolism.”

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