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SATURDAY 17th November 2018

@ Barnsbury Community Centre, 12 Jays St., Barnsbury Estate, London N1 0FE

Registration from 8.30am - Introductions at 9.30am

Please arrive early

How much?  
£55 Early Bird - Date finished - Please now choose a different option.

£75 Late Bird Fee - When Booked From 8th-31st October

£125 No Bird/Regular Fee - When Booked In November

£55 GUNA Members - At All Times - GUNA Membership No Required

£55 Students, Youth, Drugs & Part Time Workers

Latest BOOKING - now 15/11/18 for catering purposes

Spaces will be available on the day - pay on arrival - but please arrive early

Venue: very close to Kings Cross Station (10 min walk or a short bus ride)
off Caledonian Road.
Parking: There’s on-street parking nearby, but metered until 1.30pm.
Traffic wardens are likely to be around, heavily as they are based next door!!

Learning Objectives

We are providing an engaging, interactive Study Day that supports our delegates to improve their practice and support individuals with whom they work, effectively.

At the end of the Study Day delegates will have:

  • a contraception update containing information about the 'hot topics in contraception' which will be useful when speaking with individuals
  • an overview of the different types of vaginal discharge
  • an understanding of the different types of laboratory test, rapid tests and the future of testing
  • an understanding of how different drug groups work and how they influence sexual activity
  • an understanding of how individuals may become attached to internet porn and the related addictive behaviour induced by it


Who is it this for?

We have two distinct audiences, so two distinct content levels will be covered.

They are:

Group 1 - Medics/Nurses: Practice Nurses, Sexual Health Mental Health and School Nurses, Medical Students, GPs and other qualified staff working or training in areas related to Public and Sexual Health. (Non-practitioners are welcome to attend, as it will be interesting and beneficial. It will help delegates understand what practitioners face during their consultations.)

Group 2 - Non-medics: HCAs (Healthcare Assistants), Youth Workers, Social and Justice Workers, Drugs and Alcohol Workers, PSHE/SRE Teachers, Pharmacists, Reception Staff, Student Welfare Officers, Foster Carers, and other people influencing or interested in helping others with SRH matters. (Although this content area will be more at an overview level, it will be beneficial to practitioners and help them to understand what non-practitioners face during their work.)

Topics: We have a long list of potential and very interesting topics, with a growing list of speakers as the Study Days grow.

**See Appendix 

Refreshments: Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided.

A light lunch will be provided.
* If you have special dietary requirements, please make sure you inform us of this during booking; and in any case, before the study day by at least 10 days. We will do our best to accommodate you. 

How to book places:
We use a secure third-party system for taking payments. We do not hold any credit or debit card details ourselves.


Full payment is required to reserve and secure a place. If you’re supported by your employer, you should reclaim your attendance fee directly from them.

Employer’s “Block Booking” can be arranged but payment MUST be paid by finance departments, in full, ahead of the event.

Places will ONLY be allocated upon full receipt of the fee.

Healthcare Assistants (HCAs): 

If you are a Healthcare Assistant, are there any topics you would specifically like us to cover?

It will all be of interest to you, and you will learn what you don’t know, which is as important as understanding what you do.

Let us know ASAP if there’s something specific and we will aim to include it.

(If there are several topics and several HCAs, we can develop a series of bespoke days for HCAs - talk to us.)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

Certificates of attendance will state the number of active hours of learning, which can be used as evidence towards CPD and revalidation.

Further study days:

London: We’re aiming towards quarterly “Sexplained® Study Days” per location, and perhaps eventually, monthly study day in London.

Other places:

We plan to tour the same days to other areas as a rolling programme develops - venue and audience dependent.

We don't have any dates or locations for that yet.

Information will appear on this site when we do. 

Our Speakers:

Learning will be fun!

Our speakers are all extremely experienced instructing clinical nurse specialists and equally experienced instructing doctors, drug and alcohol specialist practitioners and trainers; as well as experienced therapists and also some medical media personalities.

Each study day will be thought-provoking, lively and informative, with the audience interacting, actively, with the speakers and with each other throughout the day.

We aim for them to be important networking opportunities for all.


Table display bookings are welcome.

They will help us with costs, and to develop the days further.

We want delegates to have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of subjects and also products (as used to happen more widely) which is why we are offering tables for promotion/product display.

Please contact us for further information because we are not limiting this to pharmaceutical companies but including others with interesting products to show delegates.

We are, however, aware of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) guidelines, so separate areas are available for table displays and product promotion, both prescription and over the counter, as well as other products or items, which may include crafts.

Endorsed & Recommended By:

GUNA (Genito-Urinary Nurses Association) - UK


Post ‘Study Day’ e-learning is optional for consolidation.

Delegates can attend the Study Days without undertaking e-learning afterwards, if they wish, either with or without external accreditation.

If delegates take any of our accredited e-learning Units after the study days, separate fees apply.

Who accredits the e-learning?

Our Units are accredited by the AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) Unit Award Scheme.

This does NOT give a formal qualification but gives recognition to small pieces of learning, and are at Level 3, and set at 30 hours of learning time. Click for more information.

These can be included in learning portfolios and used towards academic course admission.

Note: All of our sessions are appropriate foundation learning if anyone is planning to undertake the FSRH (Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health) diploma qualification or a public or sexual health degree programme.

We have x4 accredited Units in Contraception and x4 Units in Sexual Health topics, and more.

We can also build bespoke Units if someone wants to be able to off a topic that’s accredited to their staff or students.

(Units are being adapted for e-learning at present.)


Please Note:

We reserve the right to substitute speakers and/or subjects if the named speaker is unable to attend on the day.

Naturally, we hope this won't be required.

You Are Invited To Join Our Mailing List

Please join our mailing list so we can keep you posted more easily about future Study Days/Training, E-Learning and other related information that we think you would like from us.

We are a GDPR compliant company. You can unsubscribe at any time.
We respect your information and won’t share it with others.

The link below will allow you to control your choice of :

1) E-mail
2) Direct Mail (Post) and/or
3) Customised Online Advertising (we don’t intend to do that, though)

Contraception day:

“10/10 overall value – covered a lot, covered everything.”

“Lots of information to digest.”

“The pace was fast moving, but I most enjoyed the manner in which it was presented. I found the sessions interesting.”

“Although the negative side of contraception wasn’t discussed in detail, deliberately, the detail that was given was more needed and the group dynamics made talking and discussing issues easier.”

“Very educational today. The conversations resulting from the subjects were good.”

“I enjoyed the delivery and enthusiasm of the speaker. At times I found it hard to follow, but if information is missed through speech it can be gained by reading the overhead projections.”

Feedback About Previous Study Days


Midnight Learning Ltd is a new company, Sexplained Ltd, is not. Sexplained® is a well-established brand and we are working together. 


Student comments were drawn from people with various occupations, who attended previous study days held by Sexplained® Ltd:

Vice-Dean (from a London University)

Nurses & Health Visitors

Student Liaison Officers 

Sexual Health Outreach Workers 

Residential Social Workers

Doctors’ Receptionists

Peer Educators

They were of various ages, educational and ethnic backgrounds.


Sexual Health day:

“10/10. Excellent. Extremely well delivered. Interesting overhead projections and visual computer graphics/text.”

“Very good. Thorough. Lots of fun. A lot to take in at once, but interesting to see how disproportionately affected the developing world is, when compared with the west.”

“Concise. Thorough. This was a very good exercise strategy. Today demystified my existing knowledge and was beyond my expectations.”

“Very interesting. Today enabled me to be informed about all different types of STIs, and differentiated bacteria, viruses etc. Very enlightening!”

“Again, very useful. Lots of knowledge gained. Very enjoyable day and I have gained a lot to pass down to students / colleagues / friends.”

Midnight Learning Ltd

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