Examples Of Study Day Topics

“Empowering Understanding For Changing Times”

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Correctly Taking a Comprehensive Contraception History

– Why we ask, what we ask, and when it could be dangerous not to ask

Correctly Taking a Comprehensive Sexual History

– What to ask and why to ask it; and
– When could it be dangerous not to ask.

Contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections

– An overview of each area of SRH medicine and care

Quick Check 

advantages, disadvantages and misconceptions

Emergency Contraception

– The different types
– When to use which type and what’s best, when
– PGD issuing
– Over the counter use
– Regular hormonal contraception use post EC
– Myth Busting

Fertility Awareness 

Menstrual Cycle

Fertility Awareness Methods of Contraception

Fertility Awareness Methods to Conceive

Cycle Apps

IVF and other Fertility Treatments and Care

Condoms, Oral Dams & Safer Sex

– history – types – how to use – how not to use – sizes & excuses

Pregnancy Testing 

– when and why
– to give or not to give
– do they need EC instead

Combined Contraception 

  • The different types
  • When to use which type
  • PGD issuing

Over the counter use

– risks and benefits

Regular hormonal contraception post EHC

Scenario Tips and Tricks from Experience

The Three Ways of Using COCs

Myth Busting

Progestogen Only 

  • The different types
  • When to use which type
  • PGD issuing


– and bleeding irregularities

Regular hormonal contraception post-EC –

Scenario Tips and Tricks from Experience

– Myth Busting


  • How they work
  • The different types
  • When to use which type
  • PGD issuing
  • Lidocaine safety
  • Conundrums
  • and bleeding irregularities

Conundrums and concerns

  • IntraUterine Methods
  • History, different types, reliability and who’s suitable
  • When to use which type
  • PGD issuing


– History, different types, reliability and who’s suitable
– When to use which type
– PGD issuing
– Regular hormonal contraception post-EC
– Conundrums and concerns


– history, who for and who not for
– how and when to use and how to teach
– Conundrums and concerns

Sexual Health

– definitions
– UN Rights of the Child

Overviews and Updates

– Vaginal Discharge
– Penile Problems
– Balanitis
– Bacterial Vaginosis
– Candidiasis
– Chlamydia
– Gonorrhoea
– Old but “New Kid on the Block”
– MG
– Syphilis
– Hepatitis A, B, C
– Genital Warts (HPV)
– Herpes (HSV)
– Genital Skin Conditions
– Contact Tracing

Under 18s

– safeguarding
– development
– psychology
– legalities
– parents
– consent
– history
– risk-taking behaviour
– safer sex
– drugs and alcohol use
– period tracker apps
– sexting and images

Consent and Legal Issues

– Alarm Bells, When and How to Act
– Young people
– Adult
– Young Person
– Vulnerable Adults and Consent
– Learning Disabilities and Consent –
— between the lines and listening skills
– FGM & in family
– DV & in family
– DV & Pregnancy

Online Pharmacy

– CQC, medication and sexual health care systems
– Emergency Contraception
– limitations
– Pills, legalities and limitations
– Pharmacy Pills, legalities and limitations
– Pharmacy Sexual Health Checks/Screening

Drug interactions and why

– Street drugs and COC/POP interactions
– Liquorice
– Grapefruit

– Different types of termination
– medical, surgical
– Legal concerns
– Pre and Post-Termination Support
– The man matters, too
– Pre and post-abortion counselling.

Cultural practices
– women subservient to men
– arranged v forced marriage

Door-handle problems
– simple things are not always simple!
– I won’t take long, I only want The Pill
– I only want the Pill injection
– I want a pregnancy test
– do you? or do you need EC?
– Missed Pill Conundrums/scenarios / which pill, where were you in the packet?
– I only want an implant
– what medication are you taking
… yes, but not here and not today
– when and why

He doesn’t like condoms
– they don’t fit
– I don’t like condoms either
– it doesn’t feel the same, so I don’t want to insist
– condom benefits
– advantages
– disadvantages
– lubricants

Cervical Cytology Physical and Psychological Aspects Of and Treatment Options For

Sex and Drugs

– associated problems
– ChemSex and associated problems HIV
– PrEP
– Related Topics Sex Work
– Male Sex Work
– Rent Boy or Gigolo
– Female Sex Work
– Myths and Misconceptions
– Legalities of Sex Work

PsychoSex Problems
– ED
– Prem Ejac
– Orgasms or not/anorgasmia
– Orgasms, Ejaculation, and all that…
– Female Ejaculation
– Vaginal Dryness
– Is it Peyronie’s ?
– Premature Ejaculation
– Can’t penetrate / Can’t ejaculate
– Affairs and getting caught
– Extramarital Websites
– Sex Addiction
– Other Addiction
– Wanting out of relationship
– Wanting to be loved !!
– How to communicate when there’s stalemate
– Regaining trust
– Sexual Abuse
– – at various ages
– Domestic violence
– leaving and safety
– Hysterectomy
– less of a woman
– Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
– Mental health
– Culture and Diversity
— aspects related to sexual health

CSE – Police Perspective

Domestic Violence
– The danger signs – or not
– In pregnancy
– In men
– Do-gooder intervention and dangers associated
– Police intervention
– Restraining order/injunction
– Organisations dealing with men who abuse others
– Organisations dealing with women who abuse others

Rape – and Sexual Abuse

Young People’s Development

– risk-taking behaviour
– smoking
– drugs
– contraception
– safer sex
– crime

– Risk and sex Menopause
– vaginal dryness
– signs, symptoms and treatments
– duration
– sex and the menopause

Lateral Topics and Associated Problems
– Sex and MI
– – will sex bring on another heart attack
– Sex and Stroke (CVA)
– Sex and Epilepsy
– Sex and Diabetes
– Sex and Hip Replacement
– Sex and Hysterectomy
– Sex and Hypertension
– Sex and Other Medical

– Sex and Dyslexia
– Sex & Saying NO And, many more related topics.

Learning Disabilities