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Unit S3e – Introduction to Viral Sexual Infections

Unit Award Scheme

In successfully completing this unit, the Learner will have

Evidence needed


1undertaking a pre-training assessment of own background knowledgeStudent completed worksheets and/or written work
2watching PowerPoint presentations about the different types of infection and about the human immune systemTeacher itemised checklist
3watching PowerPoint presentations about viral sexual infections and about different tests for viral sexual infectionsTeacher itemised checklist
4watching PowerPoint presentations about different treatments for viral sexual infections and about appropriate follow-up after treatment for viral sexual infectionsTeacher itemised checklist
5watching a PowerPoint presentation about partner notification, contact tracing and epidemiological control of viral sexual infectionsTeacher checklist
6hearing a recording of an experienced practitioner take someone’s sexual historyTeacher checklist

demonstrated the ability to

7identify and explore recommended healthcare websites to find approved and up-to-date information about at least four viral sexual infections from a local, national and international perspectiveStudent completed written work
8identify and describe how four different viral sexual infections behaveStudent completed written work
9identify and describe appropriate male and female tests for viral sexual infectionsStudent completed written work
10identify and describe appropriate treatment for viral sexual infectionsStudent completed written work
11identify and explain why people may still test positive after treatment of viral sexual infectionsStudent completed written work
12identify and explain the importance if treatment is not taken, guidance not followed and/or contacts not traced and/or treatedStudent completed written work
13from given scenarios, evaluate four people’s medical and social history, their signs and symptoms and suggest the most likely viral cause to fit the descriptionStudent completed written work

shown knowledge of

14at least five features of viral sexual infectionStudent completed written work
15at least two potential long-term effects of viral sexual infections.Student completed written work

All outcomes recorded on an AQA Summary Sheet
(incorporating the Teacher Checklist if required)

Approved 9 March 2018

Level – Level Three

Unit No: 110299

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