Junior Practice Nurses

Unit List

Our Units are designed to stand alone or be enjoyed consecutively, to form a Module in the study of different topics.

C Units form a Module in The Study of Contraception 

Unit C1e – Introduction to the menstrual cycle and fertility indicators

Unit C2e – Introduction to hormonal contraception

Unit C3e – Introduction to non-hormonal methods of contraception

Unit C4e – Introduction to barrier protection for safer-sex

S Units form a Module in The Study of Sexually Acquired Infections 

Unit S1e – Introduction to different types of infection

Unit S2e – Introduction to bacterial sexual infections

Unit S3e – Introduction to viral sexual infections

Unit S4e – Introduction to non-bacterial, non-viral genital conditions

Unit S5e – Introduction to different types of vaginal discharge

Extended Programme Units

Unit PN1 – Introduction to pregnancy testing