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Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Unit List – Healthcare Assistants

If you are a Healthcare Assistants you are welcome to undertake any of our study Units. Your employment role does not preclude you from any type of learning. If you are interested in taking the C or S Units on the other pages, please feel free to do so.

The following Units have been designed with the role of Healthcare Assistants in mind. If there is another topic that you would like us to include, please contact us – e-mail above.

PN Units

Unit PN1e – Introduction to Pregnancy Testing

H Units 

Unit H1 – Introduction to Contraception and Sexual History Taking
– this includes “why we ask, what we ask”, which may be of interest.

Unit H2 – Introduction to rapid testing for HIV (using INSTI test)

SW Units

SW Units Modules in Sexual Healthcare Support Work

Unit SW1e – Introduction to clinical measurements

Unit SW2e – Introduction to STIs, screening and specimen management

Unit SW3e – Introduction to contraceptive options

Unit SW4e – Introduction to communication skills

Unit SW5e – Introduction to safeguarding and child protection

Unit SW6e – Sexual Health: terminology, confidentiality and records

Unit SW7e – Introduction to outreach sexual health work

Unit SW8e – Introduction to chlamydia screening

Note: AQA required us to use the term ‘Introduction’ even though our Units are all in-depth and comprehensive in nature.

At Present :  All of our Units are at Level 3
For information about what this means and about our accrediting body, click here.

Further Units are under development.

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