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Vaginal Dryness : Sexual Pain Helped By Jigsaw Puzzles

vaginal dryness, vaginal discharge
Vaginal Balance

Who would have thought that simply playing with jigsaw puzzles could have a positive effect on a woman’s sexual and reproductive health? I certainly hadn’t, and I have been working in the field of contraception and sexual health since the mid-1980s. Hands up… this was a fascinating discovery.

How can this be, I hear you ask? Well, with the help of some other people, explaining different physiological elements, I will try and explain some ‘happenings’ below.

First – STRESS:
What happens to our body when we feel stressed?

The Effects of STRESS
on Healthy Sex Hormone Levels

Mental Imagery To Reduce Stress

The Effects of FATIGUE
on Healthy Sex Hormone Levels

The Effects of AGE
on Healthy Sex Hormone Levels

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